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Businesses need privacy strategies


The Facts

  • 8 global privacy laws in 1970, today there’s over 120

  • 5 new countries every year introduce a set of new laws

  • 90% of business’s say deleting data is a challenge

  • 80% of business’s say they are not able to delete data when asked by a customer

  • 41% of marketeers admit to not understanding privacy compliance 

Source: 2019

The Costs & Fines

  • Uber £150million

  • Equifax £500k

  • Anthem £115 million

  • Home Depot $56 million

  • Sony $100 million

  • TK Maxx $162 million

11 UK prosecutions of directors and employees for privacy breaches and more on-going

Source: GDPR Watchdog, ICO 2018

Want to profitably grow this offering within your firm?


The Problem

  • Servicing the broader privacy needs of clients can be problematic when your key expertise is law

  • Privacy practitioning is a distraction from high value legal work

  • Efficiency and project management are critical but not the typical strengths of a law firm

  • Larger businesses may need automation to support their  privacy strategies but which tools are best in class?

  • Your junior, non experts can miss things, you are liable

  • Do you want the burden of a growing overhead and the  recruitment challenge 


The Opportunities

  • Outsource the practitioning and project management

  • Cut costs to your clients

  • Increase your margins

  • Convert smaller business enquiries which you often reject,  these can lead to complex legal work if pursued

  • Benefit from reciprocal client introductions on complex legal needs


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The Data Privacy Guys is one of the worlds most experienced privacy businesses and are successfully partnering with Law Firms to fulfill mutual clients privacy strategies. Our expert professional services offering is underpinned by world leading automation tools and a consulting team with a combined five decades in privacy and data protection. We’ve delivered privacy strategies for 400 global customers in 90 countries in 28 languages